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  1. The only thing we share is the Xbox, and that is cause we only have one. It's weird, we still have 0 ideas on how it broke. Its like all white exept the corner where you see the crack
  2. Ah right, fair enough. I just thought maybe you'd be sharing the laptop since you live together like.

    Sounds good man
  3. He can, but we are usually home at the same time, so generally I am using my laptop. We already went and put money on a laptop. Putting more on it tomorrow. If everything works out we could actually have it out by next Saturday.
  4. Just curious, but why's Vegas unable to come online while you can? Can't he borrow your laptop to give updates and such?
  5. Not discussed anything yet.
    What have you got?
  6. Hey, did you have an idea for the Threat of The Net poster? I had a few and was going to do one (if thats cool with you). Just wanted to see what you thought
  7. Sorry, got distracted
  8. I'm in the cave man.
  9. Just finishing watching the Homeland finale, then I'll be in.
  10. Batcave when you are free, please?
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