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  1. Huh, I guess that housemate of his didn't pay up in the end after all then.
  2. Ok cool. Just checkin, Also Vegas should be back on at a regular basis in about 2 weeks. Had some money issues so I couldn't get the laptop as quick as I was expecting
  3. Nah, I'll reveal it on Rage on Monday
  4. Did you want me to post it in the thread?
  5. Cool man
  6. Work on the poster now, trying to find some good fonts
  7. Sounds great man, thanks!
  8. I will have that poster to you by Sunday
  9. Dafuq? Why didn't he tell me?
  10. Yeah, but since his laptop's broken I'd have thought that maybe you'd be letting him use yours while he doesn't have one so he can check his emails and what not.
    Umm, Vegas told me on facebok how it happened...
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