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  1. Thanks man, much appreciated!
  2. And its done. Edited the history to include TCW
  3. The PM I send you now, please edit it into the OP of the RTE discussion thread please!
  4. Cool man, I'll sort out what's needed and then I'll get back to you now!
  5. Hey, free now to do whats needed
  6. Hey man, are you fee to lend a hand with something right now?
  7. Fire away!
  8. Tommy Thunder has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
  9. That's good news. I was worried that Vegas would have let her get away with it.
    Sounds good, looking forward to it!
  10. She did, but we had bills and and shopping. We only owe a 100 for the laptop so I might actually be able to get in next week, but thats a big MIGHT
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