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  1. Who plays 'For All of You' and the 'Levi Bros'?
  2. I will get to it soon, I am doing a match right now for RTE.
  3. Can you update the RTE discussion thread OP? I'm trying to update the RTE post on the EWNCW front page using that, but it seems a bit out of date with a few people missing.
  4. Floor's yours now sir.
  5. Can I see you in the batcave please?
  6. When you're free can we chat? Facebook or cave, whatever.
  7. Yeah, it's an interesting backstory for sure!
  8. Thanks, I think that makes me the first person on EWN to have Father/Son Characters
  9. Looks good at a glance! And a face, something which you can never get enough of in the feds!
  10. Hey bossman, what do you think of the new character?
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