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  1. Show is up, I'm there now
  2. I'm going to post the show than we will talk
  3. Let me know when you're online, and I'll meet you there.
  4. Hey I need to talk to you ASAP, this involves the future of AR
  5. Hey man, can you send me your promo so that I can work off it?
  6. I hate people like that, who trash us for no good reason
  7. Good idea.
    If he comes back for more, I know what to say to him.
  8. Lol, I added the disclaimer from facebook to the site, basically saying we don't claim to own the news we post.
  9. I was going to add something not so polite after what I said, but I held off lol!
  10. Indeed. You actually were polite, if it had been me, I may not have been so nice.
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