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  1. Thanks dude!
  2. Happy birthday man! have a good one!
  3. Cheers man!
  4. Sent it my man!
  5. Hey man, can you send that Andy Cannon interview to me again please?
  6. Sure thing man, I'll send some questions over now!
  7. Hey bro, I'd like to do an interview for War Games
  8. Hahaha, Sly McGraw likes to hurt people! Glad to know all is well in EWNCW!
  9. Awesome. I saw you submitted a bio for HWA (watch your back, Tommy Thunder is watching you!!), so I thought you might be back!
    It's a VERY exciting time for EWNCW right now, and you'll want to be involved! The Collective are still an integral part of things!
  10. Give me a week or two to see how things go & I'll let you know. Most likely will resume though!
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