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  1. Yea I liked it very much actually, I imagined him walking slowly and looking powerful to the theme. I shouldve mentioned good looks for that!
  2. Did you like the Mark Dimension entrance at DC? It's just something epic that I thought would be a good thing to do regular with the character moving forward, if you liked it that is.
  3. Thanks , I just pictured that entire moment in my head lol
  4. Some VINTAGE Ric Flair I see! Nice job!
  5. Looking forward to seeing some feedback on the ppv when you get a chance!
  6. I'm Good Now TTboy
  7. Your inbox is full man.
  8. Nice one, thanks man!
  9. I Voted broham , now on to the Next stop
  10. Hey man, if you want to vote on Threat of the Net, then you have until Thursday to do so
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