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  1. Hey man, if you want to vote on Threat of the Net, then you have until Thursday to do so
  2. yea i had sent it , ima resend now
  3. Hey man, I seem to be missing your part of the backstage part of the backstage segment with Van (that leads to the part with Cleverly).

    I'm pretty sure you sent it (because I think I remember seeing it), but I seem to have misplaced it
  4. GREAT!

    P.S. you will always be on my top 5 ...on shmakkdaown!
  5. Got the promo man, and don't worry, it will do nicely, DAWG!
  6. That's cool man! Just worried that we'd not seen you around for a while!
    Go make that extra $$$
  7. Yessir lol

    I been keepin up wit stuff ,just haven't commented on everything.. Coming back soon just been makin ome extra money while I have da chance namean

    I'll Be back to da Boards, Chunkier than eva )
  8. You still alive man? Haven't seen you for a while lol!
  9. carribean cool then
  10. Got your promo, no worries man!
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