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  1. Chunkertaker might win , imagine the crowd being shocked with there eyes bulging . It would be unbelievable . My client chunkertaker won at Destiny's calling lol
  2. Ah fair enough man

    Looking forward to the grand signing of the Chunkkertaker to defend his streak at Destiny's Calling 2063
  3. I'm using the same theme that's why I haven't touched it
  4. Hey man, remember to edit your theme into your bio in the roster thread when you decide on one. Let me know when you get that done!
  5. Hold yo head up , wish nuthin but the best for ya bro
  6. Yea I liked it very much actually, I imagined him walking slowly and looking powerful to the theme. I shouldve mentioned good looks for that!
  7. Did you like the Mark Dimension entrance at DC? It's just something epic that I thought would be a good thing to do regular with the character moving forward, if you liked it that is.
  8. Thanks , I just pictured that entire moment in my head lol
  9. Some VINTAGE Ric Flair I see! Nice job!
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