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  1. As I said in my message, I dunno how much time I'll have at a computer so I'm just going to go ahead and do my part of the promo man. It's due today anyway, and I have about 20 mins since my girlfriend's gone out, so I'll just do my part now
  2. It's all good , i kno how it be
  3. Sorry man, today's the first day off I've had this week! I'll be getting to it today
  4. Did you do your part of the promo yet?
  5. Ah I see. Always sucks when there's someone like that, especially in an actual competitive sport.

    I replied to your IC in the PWR thread, btw
  6. Exactly, they want there face to be top dog at all times
  7. Ah I see, so him and his team get favors, or the rub of the green by officials in games and such?
  8. He's loved by many , hated by few . In short , the John Cena of the NFL .
    They let him and his team slide with shit, it's a "they could do no wrong " kinda deal .
  9. Nah not my thing man! American football is fairly popular here in the UK, but it's a niche thing I'd say.
    Ah ok, so he's like a disgraced, or tarnished player?
  10. My Gawd , American football now legend Tom Brady , 4 Super Bowl rings. It's an American thing, American football isn't on your radar then lol. Tom Brady and the patriots have been caught cheating in the past. And this year they had deflated balls to get to the Super Bowl with ease.
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