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  1. Not closing, taking a break. There's an announcement on the latest page of the discussion thread explaining.
  2. whole thing closing down?
  3. Nice one, thanks. Oh, the ppv thread too, that'll need closing as well please.
  4. sure. no problem
  5. Ah, good rhat I caught you! Could you please close the EWNCW Rage show thread and the Inferno show threads please? Thanks.
  6. Sorry, would it be possible for that thread be re-opened please? Something else I wanted to suggest on the same subject, and I don't want to clutter things by opening another thread.
    You can close again it if it's a moot point.
  7. Got a post here in need of moderating:

    Thanks in advance senor!
  8. Thank you.
    I know I'm the fresh mod, and everyone is just waiting for me to start abusing my power, but try and give me the benefit of the doubt
  9. My apologies.
  10. Happy birthday man! Hope you have a good one!
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