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  1. You missed your last Rage promo man. Not cool.
    I'm sending you another assignment now, I need this back by Sunday at the latest.
  2. Could you get your Rage promo in to irish ASAP please?
  3. Last I heard, Vegas was still awaiting your promo.
    We'll go ahead and do it ourselves if it's not in on time.
  4. Just send it straight to Vegas now and all's good man!
  5. Well shit dude! I'm sorry! I'll do it now.
  6. He's apparently not got it dude.
  7. I sent Shaz the first part of the promo, did he not get it? Or did it not send?
  8. Could you get your Rage promo to Vegas ASAP please? We need to get on with writing the show.
  9. Chris King is from Pittsburgh, PA, and nope, no nicknames.
  10. Hey man. I'm just doing some updating in the EWNCW creative hub and need some info on Chris King.
    First, where would you like him to be billed from?
    And secondly, does he have any nickname?
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