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  1. Ok, didn't know that you were busy man, we need to know this. are you still able to do promos and such for EWNCW?
  2. yeah buddy dont worry, im spending all my time with job applications and family problems sorry
  3. Hey man, you seem to have gone off the radar again.
    I know that you probably have exams and such on right now, but is everything ok?
  4. That's ok man, just a bit worried about what was going on is all.
  5. sorry just been dealing with some personal stuff
  6. Hey man, what's up? Haven't seen you posting for a while.
  7. Thanks man, good work!
    Though turns out there are more promos missing from the show unfortunately -_-
  8. Ok thanks man!
    I know you've been ill and all, so don't worry too much about it!
  9. sorry for the hold bud, ill get some sleep then ill get it started and finished tommorow/today now techniaclly
  10. As far as I know, your promo is the only one missing from Inferno now man.
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