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  1. Happy birthday! Have a good one!
  2. Please answer my PM man. I can see that you've been online, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't ignore me.
  3. Happy birthday man! Hope you're having a good one!
    Please come back online soon though, we're all anticipating the show!!
  4. That's all the promos. It's just the one 3 way promo that's missing, because of K-Jammin, but we'll have to just figure some way to cover that.
    sorry for not adding commentary, I've been busier than I thought I'd be and had a gig last night. It shouldn't take long to add in though.
  5. I saw in the batcave that t said that it was your birthday, on closer inspection, it's actually "birthday's in the next 5 days" lol!
    I'll be there now.
  6. Haha, not my birthday for another 5 days yet man, but thanks, I am back and putting War Games together, drop into the cave if you can man.
  7. Happy birthday man! Have a good one!
  8. Batcave for a mo man.
  9. Hey man.
    So what's the score on the show?
  10. I'll be there now man.
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