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  1. Tic Toc
  2. Just letting you know, I'm doing my RTB now!
    You should have it within the hour!
  3. Deal! I think next week we gonna have another episode...
  4. Damn. Sounds like you're having a bad CPU problems like me!! And I can understand fully how hindering they can be.
    Well, whenever you get them fixed, I'm available for any RTB shows. Just let me know when.
  5. I've screwd up with 2 episodes in a row already. The adaptator of my laptop GONE since last month, and another office computer that I was using recently, they didnt pay the Internet, so Im kind stuck here. But I'll be back soon (full time). Im just not myself without my laptop Lol
  6. Just to let you know, my internet has been fixed now, so anytime you want me to do RTB, let me know
  7. No problem. Just trying to be a bit more Sociable ahahah
  8. Thanks for the add man!
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