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  1. If you want to get in the other 2 questions for that interview segment, I can post it as a regular vintage EWNCW interview in the thread!
  2. Yeah, and there's one between you and Rehmix that you were assigned to take care of to, the backstage one (segment 3 on the card).
  3. Yeah of course that's perfectly fine, that the one sat in my inbox now?
  4. That's not a problem at all, you said that you'd have to pull out around September, so I've already made preparations and have replacements waiting in the wings.

    Can you just do the promo segment that you had? as in the backstage one? I mean you said that you'd still be able to do your characters and such, so that's just a normal promo assignment on the face of things.
  5. Apologies it got more busy than I had anticipated hence why there was no mention of it.

    Since there is only two I should be able to but I'm going to say that I want to pull out of creative. I'm doing more and more to try and get a job to the point where it's really all I'm doing so I need to focus on that now.
  6. Ok man, would have appreciated had you mentioned something earlier like, but no problem. Are you doing your stuff for Rage? I need to know so that I can arrange for cover if you're not doing them.
  7. Sorry I've been silent mate, got the house to myself so had a lot on my plate this past week or so.
  8. Hey man, your stuff for Rage is available to check in the batcave!
    Segments 3,4 and 10!

    Any problems, let me know!
  9. Cheers TT, it was a great day!
  10. Happy birthday man! Hope you have a great one!
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