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  1. Please don't mess with my sig without my consent again. I'ts my sig, not yours.
  2. A favor senor!

    Could you edit my latest post in the EWNCW thread:

    into the OP of that thread please?
  3. Hey man, could you delete this thread I made*

    Didn't realize there already was one!
  4. Nope, there are some slight changes to it. Nothing major, but there are changes.
  5. The OP is the same one I replaced. Check your links
  6. That's the one!
  7. Now just to be clear...the Thursday Night Inferno one?
  8. Links please?
  9. Actually, the one you edited into the first thread, could you edit that into the right thread (the one with Kev as the OP)?
    I can sort the other one myself since I am the OP lol!
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