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  1. Sorry about what now?
    (already forgotten about see don't know what the hell the English do, but us Welsh don't ever hold grudges!)
  2. No worries, sorry about that then
  3. I don't mount offenses on anyone here (any more), I can't, since it makes me a 'bad person' (as I learnt). As one of the oldest patrons of this site, I should be setting an example on how one should conduct himself on this site. So that's what I'm doing (or trying to do at least).
  4. Lol, ok TT. I thought you were mounting an offense there and I'm in a "best form of defense is attack" frame of mind. Cool
  5. Dude, don't be mad, I'm not lol! I never look at the chocolate thunder thread.
    You guys were making fun about me sigging females, I can laugh at that, it is indeed funny! No need to be mad about that! But I wasn't aware about it until I saw the quote you inserted in my sig. Hell, I wouldn't have ever known about it hadn't you put it in there!
    Talking behind one's back isn't always a bad thing.
    Example: If I was to tell Mr X that Robstar was an awesome moderator, that would class as me telling someone you were an awesome mod behind your back.

    Bottom line, I'm not mad or angry or whatever. I'm in a very good mood right now, so please don't do anything to sour that. I don't want to fall out with anyone, let alone you right now.
  6. How the fuck are we talking "behind your back" in a place where you can see it? Huh? Wanna fill me in on that logic? God forbid you should learn to laugh at yourself and not be so super sensitive all the time.
  7. I mean, if I had the ability to change sigs, would you be happy if I changed your sig to something humiliating? No, I didn't think so.
    But thanks for informing me that you're all talking about me behind my back in another thread
  8. Yeah ok-----
  9. Moving fences? What fences man?
    I just don't want people changing my sig without my consent lol!
  10. Alright Tommy, lighten up mate. Thought you'd see the amusing side but as usual, you keep moving the fences when it comes to you
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