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  1. I'm not mad man, I think that was a good discussion that was going on in that thread! I'll have to ask you to referee a match between me and someone in the future if any problems arise between me and someone
  2. I still loves ya Tommy.....
  3. It may be. Rich seems to share a lot of IP's, like zapphoman.

    With a mouthful of cavities
  4. Shame, would have been cool had good old Dick popped back onto the radar!
    I guess it's just a guy with a gimmick then!

    with pooper scooper primed,
  5. I checked Rich's alt and its not among them

    With my leg cocked
  6. Could well be him. I know that Rich has a few alts here already (5+ if i recall), so wouldn't put it past him.
    Don't have a clue what he's doing these days though.

    Your Father,
    *Darth Vader breath*
  7. He does share an IP with a few people, most notably the notoriously MIA Rich Cranium.

    Your mum,
  8. He's certainly a different fellow. I have suspicions that he might be an alt of someone's? Perhas Irk? Not sure though. He's cured my Friday night boredom at least!

    With love,
  9. How about this Mad Bill eh?

    Best wishes,
  10. It's ok! It's getting a bit frantic there lol!
    It's good to have a good discussion going though without it descending into another case of someone getting butt-hurt over it lol!
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