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  1. Maybe. We'll see once it's all blown over I'm sure
  2. I'm guessing it's the change in servers
  3. Still screwy :/
  4. Hows those threads working now TT?
  5. No I made the mistake of undeleting that one first and it was the show thread that eddie asked for so I just left that closed and undeleted the show thread too
  6. You did huh? I think the actual show thread was worth keeping, not sure about the discussion thread. At least we can have some lol time reading through B&S having a meltdown I guess though!
  7. I undeleted the HWA threads
  8. What duuu hell?!?!?
    What the hell did you do?! Lol!
  9. Your post count just skyrocketed bro
  10. I'll be happy to!
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