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  1. AH! YOU!
    The card for the next ppv has been set in the batcave. Not all winners are set, but of the ones that have winners set, you can go ahead and pick your first match to write!
  2. This one:

  3. Which'un was I supposed to use again? That one or the EWNCW one?

    Either way, it fits. Given it's right before DC
  4. Why did you use the DC poster for the Awards show?!
  5. Hahaha, my bad. :P
  6. Note: You don't need to just say "Reporter", EWNCw has a choice of 5 reporters dude
  7. Ok cool! Looking forward to Saturday
  8. Got someone to cover one.

    I'll handle the rest today and tomorrow.
  9. How are we looking now sir?
  10. I'm guessing yo have, but in case not, message round whoever's missing. I know my thing isn't done obviously, but the rest.
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