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  1. Happy birthday man! Have a good one!
  2. Cool, I'll slip that in now.
  3. And its done.
  4. Can you take the quote part of the RTE posts you quoted? I can't copy it as it is. So instead of you quoting me, it's as if it's a new post by you, if that makes sense...
  5. Fair enough. Not sure what's up with it, I'm guessing it was maintenance day or something, since it does flip out every now and then. It's working fine for Vand, bear and I now, though bear initially had trouble getting in just now. But yeah, I'm sure it'll sort itself out.
    I'll send a PM now.
  6. Yeah, go ahead and send me a message here about it. It's still tripping out on me. I was able to log in, but it wouldn't show me that you lot were in; and when I sent a message, it refreshed the page
  7. Lemme see if it's going to work for me. xD
  8. We're in the cave with pretty much a final decision together on that thing, if you'd like to be filled in.
  9. Ayee, alright.
  10. To me I just left it an eventually it loaded. I would ask Grind to check it out, but he's busy with his GF visiting, so I don't want to bother him.
    I'll just PM you in any case, since it's not something that can wait really.
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