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  1. Clear some space
  2. He better...He knows how nervous i get so, the wee lad better not make it harder for me
    Want me in the band yet??
  3. Yeah I get ya. I'm sure he'll figure out something that'll suit you both well!
  4. I hope so
    Yeah i know, but, he is more musical than me, get my drift LOL
  5. Just enjoy it, treat it as something to relax and have a good time with and you'll definitely enjoy it
    Best bet would be to do something from a musical then perhaps. Plenty of choice there, if there's something that would be good enough for a grade 8 exam that is.
  6. I hope so
    I can be anything i think, i am not being marked but,i have a huskier voice...
  7. That's good! You won't regret it, I guarantee it
    Haha, that's good
    Well, what kind of music does it need to be? See if I can help.
  8. Yeah, i just thought, why not?
    I am helping my best friend with his grade 8, by dueting with him, good he is gay, bad, he will make me laugh LOL
    I need song suggestions
  9. That's great news! Good that you're getting back into it!
    What you doing to get back into it?
  10. I am going to be singing again
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