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  1. Aww bless you thinking of me
    Ah its alright I understand Been busy myself with a lovely wee bout of illness lol
  2. Popped up on my facebook newsfeed and thought you'd enjoy that lol!
    I know you would ha!
    Sorry for not replying to your PM, it's just been a crazy busy week with various christmas concerts, rehearsals, college on top of that and so on!
  3. Awww this made my day, thank-you
    Btw still would
  4. Oh dear god no, she is too pretty for that lol
  5. That's cool Al she needs now is to grow a beard lol!
  6. Thank-you
    Yes it has been good tbh and my niece now can do the yes chant thanks to me so I am happy with that too lol
    God JD!!!
  7. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
  8. Aww thank-you x
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