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  1. I just had a bad experience doing my singing exam and that was it
    I would maybe do that, when the JD is flowing :P Sshhh bbut
  2. Will do
    Awww, you should never lose confidence! Just go for it! I'm not exactly a great singer, but I occasionally step up and belt out a song or 2 at the karaoke at the local pub
  3. Well gis a call
    I used to sing up until,i lost confidence aged 14
  4. Of course Can't see the void being filled anytime soon lol!
    That's awesome! Did you used to sing?
  5. Still need that singer
    I was actually singing properly today for the first time in like 4 years
  6. Well i can learn?
    I will do
    I listened to that music btw..I don't think it is for me but, i could sing anything else
  7. Ohhh
    I'm planning on doing a cover band of them. You should check them out, they're a pretty fin band
  8. Emm canny say i have heard of them
  9. Oh shush
    You a fan of ska music by any chance? Specifically the band Reel Big Fish?
  10. Sounds it
    True story
    Well i would a confidence boost but, okay
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