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  1. FAIL!
    You posted a message to me on your own profile XD
    Yeah I was drinking before I was 18 too, got to really
    Win! You can have a few free ones since it's your birthday and all that though

    I'm going to listen to that song you posted me now, didn't get a chance last night!
  2. Of course! You are allowed to drink, right? And don't be expecting me to buy all the drinks all night!..... Just most of them
  3. Can I join???
  4. Nice! I'll remember to wish you a happy birthday when I'm hungover tomorrow
    I'll think of a good un!
  5. Tomorrow
    Well let me know
  6. It's your birthday?! Well DAMN!
    I'll have to give it some thought
  7. So whatcha getting me for my birthday?
    Try this song, after the tip you gave me
  9. I passed though I am tempted to go back..
    Yeo get the bud in
  10. Ahhh, that's too bad Worth getting back into though, it'd be something fun to do in your spare time like
    Oh yeah, I'd never do it sober lol! I'd have to have a few pints or something to give me some courage first
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