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  1. Will do
    I'll try and have a good time as always
    Later gator x
  2. I was drinking that last week Save me some Enjoy
  3. We know real taste! In music and in drink!
    And with that said, I'm off for food, and a drink! Rum Captain Morgans Rum is on the menu I think!
  4. Yes that could be the word
    I like so many also, so we know taste
  5. I don't know what you'd call my music taste lol! Miscellaneous perhaps? Since I like a bit of everything?! Lol!
    You got that right!
  6. I knows Well i have an eclectic taste
    Yeooooo girls who like a decent drink
  7. And you were right! Good taste in music you have!
    Well, any girl that likes JD is a girl I like!
  8. Yeah, i heard it and thought he might like it
    Glad i was right
    I ain't no normal girl Tommy
  9. No worries, loads of people do that by mistake sometimes lol!
    That is indeed a great tune! It's on some advert at the moment so I hear it all the time lol! They're a goood band though fair play!
    YES! JD shots will do me nicely
  10. Aww shite, sorry lol
    It's a good tune
    Aww thanks, you would get bought drink don't worry, do some JD Shots with me
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