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  1. For a change, I'm the one who didn't watch it last night lol!
    I'll be watching it tonight on 4o7!
  2. Homeland!!!
  3. We would have drunk, i would have cooked and we would have watched homeland Fun times
    Yeah, Queens is my first and the University of Ulster is my second You are correct lol
  4. Haha! That would have been cool
    Nice! Have you picked a 2nd choice too though? If I remember from the application process, you make a 1st and a 2nd choice in case you don't quite hit the grades you want for your 1st choice?
  5. tehe Awk you could have gained a lodger
    Well all being well that i achieve my grades i should do
  6. You are
    Ahh that makes sense. You've got a place though right? That's credit to you!
  7. I am too nice
    Aww would it?? I know that is why i considered it Yeooooo getting paralytic
    Well because it can be hard to get into our top 3 tbh In the whole island of Ireland, 2 are in the republic and 1 is in Northern Ireland, so cost too :/
  8. It sure was, honest Awww, thanks
    That's cool! Would have been awesome had you come over here! I can't praise the university here enough tough, it's up there amongst the top in the country, and it shows. Plus the social life's pretty good here
    Don't know why, but loads of Irish always come to the university here, pretty cool IMO
  9. Does Maybe Tommy, maybe I would have looked after you That's what i do
    I hope so Yeah seriously, i was thinking of doing sociology and criminology if i wasn't excepted here for social work but, i had to think realistically and i didn't wanna spend my whole adult working life in debt
  10. Well that helps too haha!
    I think that might have be why I fell asleep
    I'm sure you'll be fine If you put in the work, you get your reward! Really? "considering" meaning you're not considering any more I presume?
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