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  1. I will Yeah I seen he's in it! Another one of your favorites?
    True, true! I just don't know what I'm going to fill the void with after it finishes lol!
  2. I would and let me know Plan B
    I knows but, every good series is like that A pretty babby will be born though
  3. I'll definitely watch it soon, might give it a watch tonight
    Yeah seems like just yesterday I started watching it! Plus there's going to be a big gap until the next series because of the pregnancy I can't wait that long!!!!
  4. Honestly, a brilliant film I know, when i double checked i'm like wow
  5. Haha! I haven't seen it, I've been meaning to watch it but haven't got the chance yet! I've heard it's really good!
    10 already?! Wow that series went quick!
  6. He is marvellous Have you seen The Sweeney?
    It was...number 10!
  7. Awesome! Nothing new there then
    What episode was that last night btw? I've lost track of how many episodes there's been now lol!
  8. Leaves you wanting more Pretty Good As is my man Brody
  9. Haha nice!
    Is it a good one?!
  10. That is awful LOL I did my work early and slightly hungover to see it
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