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  1. Yeah it's another I need to watch when I get a chance! I've got a backlog of films I need to see!
  2. Believe me it is.. The film is graphic as :/ Still a good wee flick though
  3. He's a great author! Ah that book's better than the film apparently!
  4. I like Horowitz I am reading The Girl with the dragon tattoo atm
  5. All sorts really, I really like Tom Clancy books, like the Jack Ryan books, Anthony Horowitz is great too
  6. That sucks What you read??

  7. Oh I love reading, but all my books are at home unfortunately
  8. What??
    Why, reading is great
  9. Haha! Ahh you
    I could do that...... or...... I could find another series to watch instead
  10. In the top 10
    Read? :P
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