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  1. Yeah, i just thought, why not?
    I am helping my best friend with his grade 8, by dueting with him, good he is gay, bad, he will make me laugh LOL
    I need song suggestions
  2. That's great news! Good that you're getting back into it!
    What you doing to get back into it?
  3. I am going to be singing again
  4. What?!?!
  5. Guess what?
  6. Tommy that sucks
    I know what it is like when you get busy though
  7. I still haven't watched it
    It'll probably have to wait until tomorrow night now!
  8. I have to get mine, or the week won't be the same LOL
  9. It feels weird that I still haven't seen it! IT's been too long since my lat Homeland fix
  10. You had better Tommy.. Or Trouble
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