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  1. Thanks man.
  2. Welcome to EWNCW
  3. If you feel it's a chore to talk to me... I don't know why you do? I mean, I'm just doing this for fun, as I assume you are as well. I mean, I like to talk to you, like any member on my friends... but I mean, It's whatever.
  4. Dennis, I didn't start any debate when I posted that. Can I not post anything without you interpreting it as a point to start a debate? Even this conversation here is turning into a debate!
    It's honestly a chore to talk to you sometimes man, because you're constantly turning things into a debate, which effectively forces me to debate back in order to keep the conversation going!
  5. To be honest I have debated on much more minor things... again, I wasn't debating solely on that, I was just setting a base in case you wanted to argue your point further. If you recall, it was you that started the initial debate of "you might smoke drugs later" and I was just arguing your point in case you wanted to continue the debate. To be honest I was just having fun as I do with all my debates on here because that's why I do it. If I wasn't having fun I wouldn't post it. Excluding some really heated arguments that I have had to have. To make it all better I offer an adorable bunny gif.
  6. Arguing with someone at every chance you get isn't something you should advocate. You shouldn't look to turn every conversation you have with someone into an argument or debate.

    While it's true that I enjoy a good debate (you assume this correct, since I've told you in the past that I'm a dab hand at it), I have no interest whatsoever in debating something as ridiculously minor as 'whether or not the Beatles ever said that they were never going to do drugs'. If you want me to debate with you about something, at least let's talk about something vaguely interesting or relevant lol!
  7. It isn't a debate society... I just find no issue in arguing with someone. I figured you were a member who would embrace it so I decided that it could be fun. Plus, you don't know how many times I have had to defend the fact that I think Emma Stone is a good actress in that thread lol. Debate is something that often happens in there.
  8. I followed the conversation and didn't see anyone pick up on that specific post apart from yourself, unless I missed something after I went offline.

    Plus, since when is the CBOT thread a debating society
  9. If you look in the cbot thread you'd see that some members tried to defend even that point as not speculation. It's not that I deemed you stupid, it's that some people actually believe everything you said to be factual. I took little issue with what you said, I just was clearing up that it wasn't factual thus your premises going forward off of any argumentation you'd later present where inherently flawed if it called back to the initial speculation. It's not that I deem you unintelligent by any means, I was just covering my bases before I had to hit the ball... (crappy baseball analogy)
  10. When I said "I'm sure The Beatles said the same thing", of course that was speculation. I'd expect that to be a given. You must think I'm stupid if you think that I claim to know for a fact that they said that they'd never do drugs. I'm flabbergasted that you actually think that I stated that as if it were fact.

    At the end of the day, I find it even more bemusing that you "took issue" with anything I said.
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