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  1. Was that promo ok? I'm not sure if we'll ve able to go back and forth, since Jose is, shall we say, unreliable these days...
  2. Cool mate. Again thank you for joining!
  3. Cool, I was afraid that I'd missed the deadline!
    I should have time to get it done by Sunday
  4. show will go up Tuesday or Wednesday. I had a personal problem that forced me to stay away from EWN for the last two days and not letting me to post the entire show for week one. So I'll be ok if i have it by Sunday
  5. When's that GP promo due man?
  6. Cheers mate
  7. Cool man, I'll get to that in a bit now.
  8. Mostly the wrestling moves and the alignment. Bio is not needed to be honest
  9. Hey man, what do I need to add in my GP bio in total?
  10. Sure......
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