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  1. Thanks bud also congrats for advancing (well if you don't get anything today lol)
  2. Well no, clearly lol!
    I'll make sure to finish it no problem though
  3. Thanks man. Just saying this to you because if i leave the promo like that it won't make any sense on the show
  4. Ok man. I'll give him until tomorrow, and if he hasn't done anything I'll just go ahead and finish it myself and send it to you.
  5. Yes man i think i gave him enough time to do his part. I can't delay the show again
  6. So you want me to just do a full interview with Thunda with no interruptions from Jose, yes?
  7. Well if you don't get anything from him by the end of the day. If you want to finish the interview by yourself.
  8. Just an update, I'm still waiting on Jose in regards to our promo. Havent' heard a thing back from him.
  9. Sure thing man, I'll wait for Jose to reply then
  10. You know its ok with me if you can do two part since I'm gonna delay the show till Saturday because Van just came back from a trip and because you receive a late invitation. So talk with Jose and I'll give you till Friday to do it if you want two parts each
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