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  1. I'm back posting video's on my Youtube video of the day thread. Its worth checking out. Walmart is having a sale on Halloween candy eh? Thanks for the heads up. I plan on kidnapping errr I mean passing out a bunch of candy this year. hahahahhah
  2. How's things been going IPITS? Haven't seen any crazy vids posted lately, kinda wondering what's up. Hope all is well hit me up man, ttyl.

    BTW: If you haven't already started stocking up for pre halloween candy to pass out from your van they have it on sale soon at all Walmart's. Just a little FYI for ya lol.
  3. BTW That Show was called Bam;s World Domination just in case you wanted it.
  4. Hell yea I have that was an awesome movie. I own every episode of Viva La Bam on DVD, and actually just started re watching them a day or 2 ago for that nostalgic feeling lol. He had made plans with Spike TV last October to star in a new show that had him and Ryan Dunn, and one of his skateboard buddies Tim O Conner traveling all over the world and doing crazy stunts and shit but they only filmed 1 episode and I haven't heard anything since which sucks cuz the 1 episode was pretty decent. My buddy said you can dload it from a torrent site if your interested in it. He did that tough guy competition in England which was kinda funny but that's it. Last I heard he was messin around on Missy and has like a gf on the East & West Coast, but either way I hope he does something else tv related soon. You heard anything new lately that I haven't mentioned yet?
  5. I love viva la bam. have you watched Where the %#$@ is Santa? its a classic!!!
  6. Well I am glad you liked it IPITS. It's funny cuz I have watched every episode of Viva La Bam, I have watched all the old CKY Videos, and all that stuff and never heard of him doing any prank calls, and then I seen this on youtube by accident I watched it and laughed my ass off. He has some other decently funny prank calls on youtube if you might be interested. I also was amazed at how quick witted he was, the guy can come with a comeback instantly which is so much harder to do than people think lol. Check out the one where he talks to an old woman that sounds like Darth Vader, you should enjoy that one. A pleasure as always man ttyl.
  7. pretty funny stuff, His come backs are witty and quick. "Do you find it funny to call me mam?..." "Yes, because you said you had a wfie." "well i am a dike." Thats funny.

    Check out this link IPITS, I think with your odd sense of humor you will like this and also tell me what you think of it. TTyl
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