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  1. You ignored my PM
  2. :O Smooth goin', man!
  3. Yep. Mo' money less hours and a car will pretty much twist anyone's arm. When I walked into the office of the new place the girl who I've been trying to get since, like, the Olympics last year saw me and messaged me seconds after I walked out asking me what I was doing there. One thing led to another and (boom) we got a date after work today. Can't really ask for more right now lol. Been treading on eggshells and doing my best to avoid black cats and walking under ladders for the past week or so. None of the above has happened yet, but my fingers are firmly crossed!
  4. At least you've got a better job
  5. Well done for that pic. Made my night. Took me ages to spot that pirate

    Um.. I'm good. Been moving about a bit from house to house which cut down my time on here. Should finally get settled in a couple of weeks. Got offered a new job. Accepted. Handing my notice in this morning after my shift. Dreading it.

  6. Since I left? Pretty good. Today/Lately? Fuckin' Horrible. Allergies are eating me alive, and I work in an hour. You?
  7. Go fuck yourself, cuntchops

    Hope you've been good, bruv!
  8. You what, mate?
  9. Great work, champ!

    Jabe misses ya!
  10. Hey, do you have the number of that blonde from last night? I think she gave me crabs.
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