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  1. Cool, dude. I'll do my bit today or tomorrow. I know we have plenty of time.
  2. Just sent the next and one of the final bits, after sending it to the wrong Jman, lol
  3. All good bubba. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the one holding things up.
  4. Yea I'll get it handled next. Sorry about not being in touch sooner brotha, I just been lettin it sit , what with the time availability and all.
  5. Dude, am I writing the next leg of our promo or are you? Seemed like Dennis was throwing it to SoBlo there...
  6. There you go.
  7. Bit full there, lol.
  8. He's a pure technical wrestler, as far as in ring style goes. Very CM Punkish, personality wise. PM the man himself and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you out, too.
  9. Hey brotha...What can you tell me about Romes as far as the character and personality wise? I've realized while writing that I know next to nothing as to who he is and how he operates...I just know he had the team with K. split, won the title, left, came back, got screwed by K, then he and K both screwed Jose in separate ways. I just never saw hardly any of the guy and was hoping you could help me out ;P
  10. You should meet my new Russian heel . I actually think Philly born and raised J man could make for some interesting IC.
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