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  1. Thanks J, appreciate it bro!
  2. Happy Birthday, buddy.
  3. Haha! Thanks, buddy. Good to know people are digging it.
  4. Just saying to Kash bro,
    I'm quite enjoying the story time with the fedding legends! I'll be continuing to read along.
  5. Absolutely, buddy. Anything you need.
  6. No worries mate.

    Yep, sure did. Yo' amigo, I might PM you in a little while about some efedding advice.
  7. Thanks, bud.

    He did, didn't he?
  8. Happy Birthday buddy! Hope you have a good one bro.
    BTW, Rob got you the best presents ever. Very jealous Ha!.
  9. Happy Birthday bro, have a good one!
  10. Yeah off course you can mate! Feel free too speak too me or Eddie when you are ready.
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