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  1. Happy Birthday, Jman! Have a good one bro.
  2. Ha! Sorry about the mix up mate.

    Hope you liked it man. As I said, a real honor for me. No problem. If I'm on and people ask, I'll pass on the message. Thoughts are with you bro, hope it's nothing to serious and he recovers well. Take it easy dude.
  3. I have two copies now.

    You and Davey rock.

    Gonna try and get 'er done today, but my father has landed himself in the hospital with some fairly nasty shit, so I gotta head up there too. Feel free to get that message out to whoever asks.
  4. Just noticed that as you assumed, I did in fact send it too the wrong Jman. Firstly, how dare there be another Jman. You will always be my favorite I'm hoping you got the promo by now, I'm sure Eddie said he sent it but I'm going to send it again now, just in case.
  5. Yo! Jman! You were meant to PM me...

    I was meant to remind you! Job done by me.
  6. Thanks J, appreciate it bro!
  7. Happy Birthday, buddy.
  8. Haha! Thanks, buddy. Good to know people are digging it.
  9. Just saying to Kash bro,
    I'm quite enjoying the story time with the fedding legends! I'll be continuing to read along.
  10. Absolutely, buddy. Anything you need.
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