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  1. Happy Birthday bro. Hope you have a good one.
  2. Sorry I didn't answer. Luke was done with his part.
  3. I'm almost done.

    You want me to send it back for one more go-round?
  4. Damn good thing I saved it.
  5. The PM you sent me was blank, bro.
  6. Man, there was so much to work with.

    Makes both our jobs easier, y'know?
  7. (Clapping enthusiastically)

    Fucking awesome promo bro! Exactly what I felt that was going to go to and you gave me a lot to work with for my next promote. Amazing bro...AMAZING!!
  8. Sounds good. Looking forward to see what you got.
  9. That was friken' awesome!

    I'll do my bit tomorrow.
  10. You're the man!
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