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  1. Oh, I couldn't miss an opportunity to IC through a tornado.
  2. <3 Thank you for IC'ing ;_; lol
  3. Ouch. You're 20? You'll be retiring with me soon bro. Happy b-day lol
  4. Ummmmmm...No you didn't.
  5. Literally just sent it to you lol
  6. How's that promo coming, Vanman?
  7. I know that pain
    Least it isn't the Blackhawks for us but I really thought we'd have a strong chance to get the western at least
  8. I'll tell ya, watching those two fucknuggets have any success is tough.

    And yeah, We've yet to lose a meaningful game in their new building. Feels like something special is happening with this club. Still though, I've been through too much heartbreak to get too excited.
  9. I have no fucking idea man...We've just completely fallen a part and it's painful to watch really. Game 3 is a must win or I don't see us going through
    Congrats on taking the lead over the pens though
  10. Dude, what's up with Vancouver?

    Don't tell me Carter and Richards, the egomaniacal blowhards that they are, are gonna beat you guys?
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