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  1. Starting on that promo now, boss.
  2. No problem, bud.
  3. I will be sending some assignments for the ppv to selected people (the reliable people), and it's likely that you'll be receiving one.
    Right now though, I'm just writing some stuff for tonight's (I hope) Inferno show, so bear with me and something will find it's way to you later on!
  4. You want a promo for BfC, boss?
  5. Hey, she liked it, ok?

  6. Okay, just stumbled across your song to Panda. You're a creepy little drunken bastard sometimes.
  7. What?! You should have been watching Rage!!!

    I kid I know you'll read it when you get a chance
  8. Cool. I was watching Springsteen play this benefit concert anyway.
  9. Posting the last segment now, and it's all yours my good sir
  10. Sweetness. I'll wait on ya.
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