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  1. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, bro.

    That might be a way to go- combining the cooking and writing. You're a killer writer and I know you love mixing it up in the kitchen, so that'd be awesome. I'd totally read Iron Ape's Foodie Blog.

    That's the thing, buddy, I really don't know what I'm looking to do just yet, which, again, is highly frustrating.
  2. Cooking is definitely my passion, so the more time I can spend doing that the better. I'm pretty much with you in regards to the happiness stuff, so I'd gladly take a little hit in the pocket even if it doesn't pay the bills like writing. That being said, I doubt I'll ever be able to give that fully up. The idea had occurred to me that combining the two might even be where my career is headed. I've even been making a point to journal my entire culinary experience just in case.

    So what about you? What are you going to school for?
  3. Honestly, man- I'm not really sure. Part of me wants to open my own restaurant, but I know how unrealistic it is to open a successful place, especially in a butt-fucked economy like the one we have now. Even when things were better, it still took most places 5 years of operation before they could start turning a profit, and I'm not really sure I can take that sort of the hit at the moment. I've got money to risk, but I don't have money to just light on fire. And, unfortunately, starting a restaurant nowadays is essentially akin to doing that very thing.
  4. Ahhh, good for you, brother. Are you looking to do the cooking thing full time, or do you still want to supplement it with some writing?

    And yeah, I'll really would like to stay away from that 9-to-5, punching the time clock bullshit. Maybe that'll lead to less Kashdinero in the pocket, but fuck it. I want to be happy, above all.

    Good deal with Christmas stuff. At least you'll have a relaxing time on the day itself, even if you have drama coming later on.

    Yeah, I'm setting the over/under of glasses of vino at, like, six. And I'm taking the over.
  5. I'm actually in culinary school full-time while still putting in a good 30 hours or so juggling my writing gigs on the side. Personal problems? Nah. Who's got time for that shit?

    I feel you on being a professional student, though. Learning shit is fucking easy and really exciting. But putting that knowledge to the same practical application on a regular day-to-day basis? Yeah, that shit gets kind of soul-sucking kind of quickly.

    I'm just spending Xmas with my girl and my mom this year, so everything should be fairly relaxing and peaceful. We're going spend all day just cooking and hanging out, so it will be nice. I've got to get together with my dad's family on the 28th, though, and I'm afraid that's going to be another story entirely. It always is.

    Hope you can hold it together, my man. Remember: Recreational drugs are always our best friends this time of year.
  6. I hear that. Work, or just personal stuff and whatnot?

    Yeah, I left EWN for a while but I'm back now for the foreseeable future. I just finished up another semester at the ol' county college, still having no clue what I'll do with my life, so that's a bit frustrating. You think they'd pay me to be a professional student? I could totally swing that.

    It's Christmas Eve with Mom's family and Christmas Day with Dad's side for me. All should be well. Most of the combustible elements won't be around. How 'bout you, bro? Any big plans?
  7. Good. Crazy busy, but good.

    How's life been treating you, bro? Any plans for the holidays?
  8. Apester! How've you been, buddy?
  9. Man, that's depressing, bro. I feel you, though.

    My family seem to genuinely enjoy one another's company, but I always seem to somehow keep myself on the edge of it. Like, I wouldn't bother with the majority of these people if it weren't for biology, and I sort of constantly struggle coming to terms with how society has placed such an importance on this. I'd rather choose those close to me based upon admiration and respect, but that's apparently less important than blood (for some completely ridiculous reason). But such is life, apparently.

    At least delicious, delicious food helps to soften the blow. That, and alcohol.
  10. The usual awkwardness was thicker than I've felt it in a while. Can't remember a moment of genuine family togetherness the whole night. Every smile, hug or laugh seemed scripted. Sad, really.
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