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  1. Holyfuckingshittypissyfuck!

    It's you!
  2. Mayhem is coming. Both of them actually will be up within 24 hours, I just need to talk to Kash. Thanks for asking.
  3. Straights my man! How's Mayhem coming?
  4. Sometime before November 10th.

    Plenty of time.
  5. Awesome! Cant wait. When do you need the answers by?
  6. Straiights! You should have your shoot questions by Monday morning bruv.
  7. Check the main thread in about 20 minutes. Well, I guess I can tel you now. Me and Kash and the rest of the Mayhem crew have decided that, since Monday Night Mayhem hasn't been on an actual Monday in forever, that we were just gonna skip this week and have a long show coming up this Monday.

    Oh and don't worry about being "that guy." Lol. It does't bother me at all. We're gonna get back on schedule this week.
  8. Straights! I hate to be that guy bruv but do we have an ETA on Mayhem?
  9. Just PMed you bro.
  10. It's going good. I should have it done by tonight. Or at the latest tomorrow evening.
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