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  1. i feel proud thank you
  2. That picture is AWESOME!!!!! Well done young man, well done indeed.
  3. ohhh yeah[IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]
  4. whats up brother piss
  5. Can you pick us some

    on your way. It seems

    is having another flare up again.Thanks
  6. im going to make it rain lets go
  7. No problem, I can hook you up for sure with one of my fine ladies. The rules are money up front to me and no kissing. If you want them to remove their

    its going to cost more.
  8. omg that was the most funniest thing ever and damm those girls are hot is that who your bringing man you got to hook me up
  9. Dont worry about about the weed, its all taken care of.

  10. Rcih cranuim came by and ate them all ill get the food you get the soap and weed yeah!!!
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