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  1. If you go you have to try this Kentucky bourbon beer. Amazing beer by far one of the I have ever tasted! You also have to stay at Bardstown, Ky. Cool little town. If you do op an on going let me know I can give you more info. Trust me, once you get there you will show your Irish drinking side!
  2. This sounds like a trip worth having. I'm not to far away I'm in Ohio. Sounds like good times. If I get a chance to go down there I'll let you know. But be forewarned, I have Irish blood in me and can drink like a fish. Funny thing is I don't have the Irish temper, I'm not a mean drunk at all. I see no point in ruining the buzz you worked hard to get. Some people just shouldn't drink. I earned my doctorate in drinking a long long time ago.
  3. You do the tour at Makers Mark, after the tour you can sign up for free. The put your name on the barrell so when its done they call you or email you and you go up there and get a bottle and fill up your bottle. My name on the Barrell is Sir Andres. You gotta do the trail man, its worth the trip and its free.
  4. I too am a Warlock and also "WINNING"
  5. I'm so f'n jealous of you right now. How does one get to be an ambassador?
  6. The Roast of Charlie Sheen should be epic! This Warlock is WINNING.
  7. You just do the trail! It's awesome. Four Roses and Buffalo Trace were by far the best distilery's(sp). Here is a funny story, I am a Makers Mark ambassador, I am. In like 6 years I go back to Makers Mark and get to hand select my own personal choice of Bourbon. It's pretty badass.
  8. Kentucky Bourbon Tour, where do I sign up. No one does Bourbon like Kentucky! I love Makers Mark. I think I'm going to get a fifth of it this weekend.
  9. This link has them all. Its a great site and you can use any player to view them, I personally like putlocker or megavideo.

    All of them are great, I think the Flavor flav one is my favorite. Well worth the watch. And in just a few weeks the charlie Sheen one comes out. I can't f'n wait for that one.
  10. I am a big fan of The Roast. That would be awesome if you sent me the links. Back in March I did the Kentucky Bourbon Tour, I will admit my liver hated me for that whole weekend. But I was drinking a lot of good Whiskey!
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