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  1. Hope you got my message, take care
  2. I was not aware of that lol I will read it and let you know if I wanna by probably tomorrow if not Tuesday. But I will let you know
  3. I Am EWNCW and Proud dude you do know the EWNCW Inferno thread is Just the Shows and no banter so if you Just Read that you'd get what was going on you'd do great in EWNCW you really would let me know what you do me Dude
  4. Nope as I stated to both major e-feds (JBW and EWNCW) that I wanna read the shows before I up and decide to join one, problem both threads over 600 pages most of which are filled with needless and/or pointless banter I dont want to read on the way to a show. Once someone PM's me the shows from either e-fed I dont care which then I will join.

    I really wanna know whats gone on these e-feds before I join. Which one are you involved in?
  5. hey man are you in an E-Fed yet
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