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  1. oh it was TNAVerybest of something he was doing a WWE Thread and i said u were being harsh you said that its better for threads to have lots of Feedback I see now you were right I have ate humble pie and it tasted ok
  2. Btw I remember you saying that in one of the discussions we had in the BtB I was right? What did you mean bro?
  3. Cheers broski
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. Sounds good
  6. yo broski might have a pm for ya in a mo
  7. Love the new profile pic bro, just dropping by to say hi
  8. Hmm gotcha and my character's name is Jason ''The Puerto Rican Nightmare'' Alexander
  9. My UCW Thread closed because i had no ideas for it.

    sure man i'll give you an interview just tell me what your characters name is
  10. Now I we sometimes dont agree on views in the BtB section but you did say if one were interested in an interview for the BWA thread to contact you so....I'm contacting you, so let me know if its possible.

    Also I'm curious as to why asked your UCW thread to be closed? Was it for lack of feedback ? Cause if you would've liked I could've reviewed it though may have been a bit strong but it would've been feedback nonetheless.

    I tried to PM but it said your limit was reached anyways I await your reply.
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