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  1. Bro you were the first guy to really take any notice so the reason i am sticking around is kinda down to you

    and yea the draw was a relief always hate to loose to Liverpool
  2. Thanks for the honourable mention bud on the favourite user thread. You're part of the furniture on this forum, and enjoy ALL of your input. United fan too!

    Glad we got a draw today! Phew!
  3. yea we've got alot of injuries but at least its not as bad as arsenal who have to play kosceilny and squilacci at the back. to be honest with i reckon that we've got a great chance of doing the double of FA CUP & PREM but the champions league seems a bit out of reach now with all the injuries
  4. Hi eboy, just a short message to a fellow manc!

    Good to see united won again today. Haven't seen the highlights, but want to see evans' sending off. That means he'll be suspended and another player missing!
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