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  1. supose so pal
  2. Can't I be in both JBW and yours?
  3. Dude you Jumped to JBW
  4. Hows it going man i thought you were already in EWNCW
  5. Hey man i dont know if you noticed but i started a thread in time machine section about a hall of fame if you'd like to see the bisch in there you can suggest him on the thread
  6. Have I? Thank you for that kind compliment. You are now in an alliance with me.
  7. hey your posts are very convincing the majority of the time it sounds like the sort of thing bisch would say you've mastered his voice
  8. HAHAHAHAHA, I am just a little boy in Canada. Eric Bischoff is my hero tho.
  9. do you know what convenses me your actually eric bischoff the fact you haven't made any friends yet only joking we do know your not the real eric bischoff in the anime thread you said your canadian erics american oh well nice try lol
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