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  1. Sure. I'm going to brainstorm some stuff now though.
  2. Tomoz buddy? either before or after Inferno?
  3. Want to talk Rage in the cave?
  4. Recieved!
    Thanks man!
  5. Hey man my part of RAGE coming your way
  6. Damn, too bad man.
    I'll send it to 'The Serenading Spaniard' too then!
  7. might b a problem pal my mum is in hospital goin to see her should be back but can you send it to grind as well as a back up
  8. Just letting you know, I've learnt that I might not be in tonight to post Rage, so I'll be sending the show on to you for you to post in case I'm not here.
  9. Fine by me, I'll see you in the cave at 8!
  10. u good to plan RAGE at about 8pm tonight?
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