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  1. Ah, i was going to send you the stuff so that you could post the show, since you've got the most segment. I just thought that would have been less work lol!
  2. Sorry man, my internet cut out earlier.
    Thanks for sending me that.
  3. Sorry man, I lost my internet earlier, and I got pissed off in trying to get it working again and went to have food.
    I think it's best that we deal with Rage tomorrow!
  4. Am in the cave man.
  5. Thanks for those man, we're good too go for tonight now pretty much!

    How are you for being online today to sort out the next show? I've got a few odd-jobs to do, but I'll be online pretty much all day off and on.
  6. I'm in the cave now man!
  7. Need any help with Rage?
  8. Volt match?
  9. Volt match?
  10. I'll be there now man!
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